WoW First Aid Skill Guide – Using Bandages the Right Way

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Your kit should contain at the least one First Aid kit, a hand pump, and bandages for the different types of cuts you may encounter. A foam hand pump is a handy item to have since it can be used to rapidly inflate a latex bandage, which can then be applied by twisting and pressing against an injured area. Bandages such as these are good because they do not stick to each other and leave no glue behind and can also be reused numerous times. The bandages in your kit should also be made of thick, absorbent material to prevent the spread of infection. Linen bandages work well because they are very easy to remove and disposable.

Use A Healing Spell

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If you have the ability to use a healing spell, make sure to use it when needed instead of wasting time casting a normal first aid spell, as it will not be effective. Another option is to use a bandage or linen bandage instead of a bandage and liner, especially if the wound seems to have no pressure but is still bleeding, which could indicate an abscess. These two choices are excellent for WoW first aid leveling guide quests. Abscesses can be very dangerous and if left untreated could lead to death.

There are many ways to level your first aid skill. Some of the best methods include getting quests from NPCs that have a quest giver. The quests in a normal quest path are usually very easy to complete, but there are instances where you have to kill a lot of monsters, including bosses, and finish the quests on hard modes to be able to level your wow first aid skill. For example, if you do not have a blood fury buff when you enter the instance, it will take you a lot of time to kill all the monsters and the boss to get the buff.

Finish All The Quests

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Another way to level this skill fast is to finish all the quests in a certain area before moving on. You can do this by fast traveling to a place with a bunch of mobs that are way ahead of you. When you arrive, just attack them until they are dead. Continue doing this until you reach a point where you can move on. If done right, you should have little trouble reaching the skill level cap in this case.

Using Bandages

As stated before, using bandages and linen bandages are excellent for leveling. Bandages are used before something gets worse or when something needs more healing, like when you get hit by a flying insect. Linen bandages are good for when you get infected, since you can use them to stop the spread of the disease and to recover faster. Another thing to keep in mind with this wow first aid guide is that bandages and linen bandages need to be applied immediately. This is because of how they won’t last very long.


And that’s it! Now, you can go ahead and enjoy playing the game. Just make sure you always have bandages on, and always use your wool cloth to slow bleeding. Good luck, and happy gaming!

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