Wilderness First Aid Kit – How To Keep Yourself Safe All The Way

wilderness first aid kit

There can never be such a thing as a perfect first aid kit, so always consider your needs for your wilderness first aid kit. For your wilderness first aid kit, you must consider the length of your trip as well as the size of the group. Besides, you must also take into account the destination and then build a kit accordingly. Always remember to never put anything inside your wilderness first aid kit which you do not know how to use. Always familiarizing yourself with the things you are carrying is considered a wise option for everyone on the trip.

Wilderness First Aid Kit – Essentials First

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Before you go into any outings, you need to make a list of some basic essential items for your wilderness first aid kit. You must carry trauma shears with a wide as well as blunt tip. This shear will cut down on the risk to cut the patient while working on any injury that may occur. Besides, you also need to keep tweezers. It is a necessary tool for all kinds of splinter removal or any minor cut and scrapes that may require some attention. Carrying around a box of safety pins is also important for your wilderness first aid kit. These work great for securing your bandages. They come in handy for the base layer that you may have incorporated into the improvised splint.

Wilderness First Aid Kit – Your Rescue Kit

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For your wilderness first aid kit, an oral thermometer is a must-have. Anyone can have changes in body temperature during the trip. But these changes can be symptomatic of various conditions. Hence it is better to carry one in your wilderness first aid kit. You must monitor the changes in temperature on the patient. You must also carry a rescue mask and a pair of gloves on your wilderness first aid kit. They come in handy and help create a barrier between the patient and the user when there are any problems. You can save yourself from any infections and carry out the tasks smoothly.

Wilderness First Aid Kit – Dressings and Ointment

These are some important things that you must keep in your wilderness first aid kit. Make sure the dressings are waterproof and antiseptic so that they cover your wounds without causing any problem. Also, scratches and infections can be a common problem. Hence, make sure to carry some ointments to keep you safe. They will also be helpful for your burns and cuts.


There are some more things that you must consider to keep in your wilderness first aid kit. You must keep some elastic wrap and fabric bandages to cover your wounds. You must check them on the internet or refer to the nearest chemist for help. Remember to buy all these for your trip to avoid any mishap. Regardless of the location you are traveling to, you have to take care first aid kit along with you to keep yourself safe because you never know what is yet to come and when you have the Essentials with you, you can work on the basic protection.

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