What You Can Learn In CPR And First Aid Courses

cpr and first aid courses

What is the common perception about CPR and First Aid? Are people truly aware of their importance and how they can save a life? Actually, no. Believe it or not, even though the medical community, local education and technical training board for medical and educational institution including CPR and First Aid, have never pushed for legislation to mandate certification or accreditation to give these course, local governments have actually been given the authority to set their own standards and criteria. This is true whether in the country as a whole or within each individual state.

What Are First Aid And CPR Requirements?

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The CPR and First Aid course requirements and licenses vary greatly depending on state regulations. It should be understood that these training programs are not recognized internationally. CPR is recognized by countries such as the European Community, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and even the United States. However, training programs are recognized only in the jurisdictions where they are practiced.

What Exactly Do A CPR And First Aid Course Completion Card Entail?

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This is the card that medical professionals give to cardiac arrest patients and family members to give the proper authorization for an ambulance to be called and/or for other professional medical assistance. On this card there will be a number. It ranges from zero to nine. On the card there will present information such as the name of the certified provider (the person who performs the actual CPR).

The reason why a CPR and First Aid course completion card is necessary is to show that the person has undergone adequate training. Cardiac arrest is one of the most potentially dangerous conditions that modern medicine cannot prevent. Therefore, a person who calls for immediate cardiac arrest assistance must be able to give the proper cardiac resuscitation.

Why Would Any Health Care Providers Offer CPR And First Aid Courses?

There are actually multiple reasons. One is that emergency medical professionals wish to be highly effective in their field. They wish to help as many individuals as possible in need of their skills, and they want to be able to recognize the signs of cardiac arrest in their patients. The course work is also beneficial for these health care providers as it helps them to upgrade their skills with regard to the use of the AED.

The second reason is that most states require health care providers to be certified in CPR and in First Aid. There have been many improvements to the techniques that are used in these first two procedures over the years. In addition to the aforementioned changes to the AED and the implementation of the newest cardiac arrest protocols, it is now required by law that hospitals offer CPR and First Aid training to all staff members.

Final Thoughts

An infant cpr and first aid course are offered in a wide variety of formats. Some are taught in a classroom setting. Others are offered in a home study course that is CD-ROM. There are also courses that are presented via the Internet and through DVD programs. To choose the most effective program for an individual, it is advisable to consult a health care professional who is familiar with the various courses offered.

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