What To Put In Your Trauma Kits

trauma kit

Trauma Kits provide essential supplies for treating many multiple individuals with life-threatening injuries following an accident. The kits are specifically designed to prevent life-threatening blood losses, thus ensuring quick survival until professional medical services arrive. The trauma kit generally consists of one or more trauma dressings, pre-fabricated trauma splints, and emergency laryngoscope or suction devices. The kit also contains disposable trauma cloths, emergency radio, emergency lights/helicopters, and emergency telephones.

A trauma kit normally contains a variety of items, such as an emergency blanket or flannel, a tourniquet, bandages, anti-blood pressure medication, sterile gauze, pain reliever, ointment or analgesic, and other specialized medications. However, trauma kits vary in size depending on the number of individuals in the trauma kit. Usually, trauma kits contain one trauma clotting medium, one sterile dressing, and six to eight eyeglasses depending on the severity of the wound. These basic items are necessary to ensure a quick and adequate treatment in case of any serious bleeding.

Trauma Kit

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trauma kits also contain additional items such as first aid tissue, pressure dressing, sterile towels, and wound-care products, such as petroleum jelly. Sterile gauze and anti-bacterial ointments are usually included in the first aid trauma kit. Bleeding can be controlled with the help of these products. However, it is not recommended that the victim should wet or wash the dressing. This is to prevent the growth of bacteria due to excessive moisture.

First aid kits usually contain two items: tourniquets and airway kits. The tourniquet is a thin, insulated bandage used to apply pressure to the injury site. Airway kits contain either a plastic or metal cannula that is inserted into the airway. Both of these devices are needed to provide immediate and adequate blood circulation to the injured area.

A tourniquet is usually available in three to five pieces. The smaller sizes are suitable for small wounds and for everyday dressings. Medium-sized bandages are used for moderate to large wounds. And large-sized gauze pads should be used only in cases where death and severe injuries have occurred. It is better to use large gauze pads than small ones as they are more supportive.

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Other important items in trauma kits include antibacterial tape, alcohol preps, wound dressings, and duct tape. These products can also be combined for maximum results. To create an anti-bacterial effect, put the alcohol preps, antiseptic creams, and duct tape together in one kit. This will provide a fast healing effect. Other products to consider putting in your kit include light medical tape, resuscitators, IV fluids, bandages, gauze pads, safety pins, disinfectants, needle disposal containers, tweezers, and rubber gloves.

One more useful item to include in trauma kits is the outer pouch, which is made of sterile materials and serves as an escape route in case of emergency. This is typically made of elastic latex and is tied around the wrist or waist. Other items in an inner pouch include the appropriate amounts of wound dressings. Steri strips should be applied on the outer pouch and inside the inner pouch to close off the wound. Nitrile gloves are best used on wounds to protect the patient’s fingers and palms from irritations caused by adhesives.

Final Words

A trauma kit does not always have to be complete with all the above-mentioned products. Some kits may only include one of the aforementioned items, such as the tourniquet or nitrile gloves. It is advisable, however, to provide at least one additional item with these kits to ensure prompt first aid treatment. If you are shopping for a first aid kit, it is better to think of buying the essential items that will be most useful to the victim, rather than skimping on those that are least needed.

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