What Is An Emergency Pharmacy Supply Kit

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The goal of this research was to assess the effect of hospice-based medication treatments with that of standard medication treatments for patients in the home. It is currently believed that using medication kits for at-home use can lead to improved access and outcomes for terminally ill patients, while increasing the quality of life for those with advanced disease. Specifically, it is hoped that home medication treatment can provide relief from symptoms and pain associated with terminal illness. Furthermore, it is hoped that home medication treatments can lead to a reduction in the duration of hospital stay and an increase in survival.

Effect Of A Home Medication Kit

Prior to examining the effect of a home medication kit on quality of life, a brief discussion is needed about expiration dates. It is extremely important for patients and families to be aware of the expiration date on medications. In general, it is recommended that such medication should not be used after the indicated expiration date if they have not been regularly and completely worn out. Medication expiration dates are clearly indicated on medicines packages and most pharmacies will indicate the expiration date while sold. Furthermore, it is recommended to contact the pharmacist if one has forgotten the expiration date.

When deciding on what type of medication kit to purchase, it is important to consider how frequently a patient may need to use the medicine. While commonly used pain relievers and cough syrups are suitable for occasional use, other classes of medication may be more appropriate for regular usage. If a physician suggests a certain type of medication, the pharmacist should be able to assist patients in determining which type is most appropriate. Many times, a doctor will recommend that a patient use one particular type of medication based on the medical history of a patient’s health and the severity of the medical condition.

Controlled Drugs Available Only By Prescription

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Pharmacy-controlled drugs should be considered when purchasing this type of kit. Controlled substances, including common brands of cough and cold treatments and antibiotics such as penicillin are usually only available through a prescription. A controlled substance is required to be contained in an FDA-approved locking container. In addition, most controlled substances must also be marked with a tamper evident seal and the expiry date on the package.

Emergency medication kits shall be purchased based on the type of medication needed by the patient. The pharmacist can assist patients in determining which medications are necessary for a particular ailment. As with all types of medication, an emergency kit does not always contain the same amounts of each medication. A pharmacist may suggest that patients either choose the lowest dose of a particular medication or increase the dose for a higher success rate.

Final Words

Most kits contain an information booklet with dosage recommendations and the milligrams of the most commonly dispensed medications. These dosage recommendations are especially important for children, pregnant women, and people with certain chronic conditions that require higher doses of medication. All kits should have an expiration date stamped on the outside of the container. Pharmacy-controlled substances should be stored in a secure location, far from any sources of heat or moisture and out of reach of children.

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