What Is an Elliptical Trainer

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The Arc Trainers are one of the most versatile exercise machines ever created. The creators of the machine designed the original version of this unique equipment in 1990. There has been an evolutionary change with the design and the products now being sold in many different countries. The basic concept is similar to many other weight training equipment, such as the bench press or the pull down machine.

Know About The Training Methods

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The most beneficial feature of the elliptical machines (both the original model and the newer models) is that they provide excellent cardio-vascular workout opportunities with very low impact on joints, ligaments and muscles. The arc trainer allows you to work your hips, thighs, calves, back, neck and shoulders without straining or harming your knees, back, ankles, wrists, elbows or fingers. It has been said that the trainer provides more calories in a minute of activity than the rowing machines, bicycle and treadmill combined.

Determined And Helpful

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This innovative exercise equipment will help you lose weight, improve stamina, strengthen your heart, improve bone density, increase muscle strength and burn more calories and fat. The weight loss aspect of the arc trainer is possible through improved stamina due to its increased calorie burn capacity. With this increase in calorie demand, fat is burned off the body faster and with better efficiency. The trainer has been known to assist in losing up to thirty pounds in a month of use. By working the entire body, you will experience better overall fitness.

Have Years Of Experience

If you think about the role that the muscles play in maintaining good health, then you understand that strengthening the muscles also helps to control weight gain. The arc trainer will help you build lean, tight and toned muscles, while burning off fat. This motion will also engage the core muscles in support, which in turn increases stability, reduces the risk of injury and improves knee health.

Gives Proper Training

The circular motion of the elliptical trainer can help you to strengthen your arms, chest and back. Because the resistance is moving the ball across the resistance surface, you are building muscle groups along with burning calories at the same time. You may notice that after using the trainer for a period of time, you can no longer feel the resistance with your arms. The circular motion of the trainer has also been known to improve posture, core strength, hip flexion and balance.

Help In Weight Management

One of the major benefits of using an arc trainer in your home is the ability to control the intensity of the resistance. Unlike with other types of fitness equipment, you can set the level of resistance and workout as intense or light as you wish. You can also vary the length of your workout session or cardio machine. Another great feature of the elliptical trainer is the weight system. Using this type of indoor training machine will enable you to get a better workout and burn more calories.

Effective Guidance

An elliptical trainer provides an effective alternative to using a treadmill or other form of low-impact motion for cardio training. This cardio machine will also help you lose weight while reducing the risk of injury. Elliptical trainers provide an intense, low impact workout that provides a low impact on your knees and ankles. Since the resistance is moving the ball around, you are building muscle groups along with burning calories. You can also notice that after using the trainer for a period of time, you cannot feel the resistance with your arms or legs any longer.

Wrapping Up

For people that are looking to lose weight and tone muscles, the ellipticals may be a better choice than treadmills. They are also less expensive to operate than treadmills. In addition to the low impact workout provided by arc trainers, they also provide a low impact workout for your legs. This will eliminate the need for a gym membership and have you enjoy a great workout without the cost of gym memberships.

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