Trauma First Aid Kit And Other Accessories For Your Safety

Trauma First Aid Kit

The use of first aid on an injured person is not easy. One must know the things that need to be there in a trauma first aid kit. Most of the time, people tend to be confused between trauma first aid kits and first aid kits. Everyone is aware of what a first aid kit is but a trauma first aid kit is something most people are unaware of and tends to mix up both the kits. Here is all you need to know about the trauma first aid kit.

Trauma First Aid Kit

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First aid kit is a kit that comes to the rescue for casual injuries like basic day to day cuts. Then what is a Trauma First Aid Kit? Trauma first aid kits are used to treat a major injury where the victims’ life is at risk until the doctors come to rescue. The things that must be present in any first aid kit are also quite different from those of a trauma first aid kit. Trauma first aid kit is often known as Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKS), and they come in different shapes and sizes.

Trauma First Aid Kit Options

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Everyone knows the essentials of the first aid kit and their proper uses, but the things in trauma first aid kit are different, and their uses are also different. Mentioned below are some of the essentials in a trauma first aid kit.

Pressure Dressing or Bandages

These bandages or dressings have multiple uses and become an essential item in the kit for treating a trauma victim. Placing the bandage on the wound properly, they do a great job by putting pressure on it and controlling blood loss. The potential uses of these are to provide direct pressure, pressure junctional wounds, and treat splint and sling. While choosing the pressure dressing, the most important thing to keep in mind is that it must have elasticity.

Wound Packing

Wound packing is sterile kerlix gauze that is used to plug holes in the body. Hemostatic dressings are made up of substances that treat the body’s clotting process naturally. Hemostatic dressing helps in clotting when it comes in direct contact with the vessels that are bleeding. According to some statistics stopping the blood using hemostatic dressing is more efficient than ordinary gauze. Packing Material aims at going inside the hole instead of covering it. Towel or large absorbent bandages cannot stop bleeding. This is a must-have in trauma first aid kit.

Trauma First Aid Kit – Chest Seals

Another important thing in a trauma first aid kit is chest seals. They are used to treat a sucking chest wound. It is the best way to stop internal bleeding or injuries.


A Trauma first aid kit comes to rescue most efficiently, and it can provide temporary treatment to the trauma victims before the professionals come. At the time, this temporary treatment saved a life. When you are preparing such a first aid kit, make sure you come up with some safety items list before you construct this kit.

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