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Moving out with family or friends for a picnic, but are seriously concerned about what to do with your sleep? We have something for you!

It becomes hard for you to have a sleep and remain energetic all the day. For excellent sound sleep, even during your traveling hours, you require a comfortable bed to have a power nap. And you can easily get all these things inside a sleeping bag.

These bags are perfect for traveling, camping, hiking or other adventure trips where it is not possible for you to get an even surface for comfortable sleep.

These sleeping bags have various benefits, as they are lightweight and will not be much heavy if you carry them along with your journey.

Thus, to know more of its pros and cons, have a glimpse into this fruitful guide and learn about these portable sleeping bags that have various other benefits.


  • Type – Cold Weather
  • Single/Double Sleeping Bag – Splicing Single Sleeping Bag
  • Applicable People – Adult
  • Season – Spring & Autumn
  • Sleeping Bag Temperature Scale Category – Spring and Autumn Sleeping Bag
  • is_customized – No
  • Category – Sleeping Bag Accessories
  • Style – Envelope Type
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1. Highly portable and most convenient to carry them for hiking, camping and picnic trips.

2. It comes along with the feature of UV protection, because we can use the material used in it as a shade from heavy sun rays.

3. People can also use these as an emergency bag for sleeping.

4. You can easily roll these carry bags when not using it or when not sleeping in it.

5. The most magnificent feature of these sleeping bags is that they are waterproof in nature that makes it suitable for us to carry them during rainy seasons.

6. Most ideal for the person who is having a height of 6’3″.

7. Available in different color combinations and various other sizes.

8. These bags are stitched using high-quality fabric, allied material, and polyester.

9. Also comes with separate compartments for water bottles & shoes.

10. Features tear-resistance and robust nature and becomes the first choice of trackers while moving out for tracking.



1. Insulation performance decreases when the bag becomes wet. Thus, it is crucial for you to keep your bags as dry as possible.

2. These sleeping bags require intensive care.

3. These bags can be quite expensive for you if you go for high-quality and performance.

4. Protect your bags from harmful UV rays.

5. Avoid filling too much stuff inside your bag otherwise the consequences will not be in your favor.


These portable sleeping bags will turn out to be excellent companions while going on tracking, camping or hiking.

So, buy these fabulous bags if you keep comfort as your top most priority and make your journey go like a butter on the slice of bread!

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