Start A Career With Mental Health First Aid Training Course

mental health first aid training course

After finishing the training, you obtain a three-year license in Mental Health First Aid. Each course usually lasts eight hours.

Courses are usually scheduled regularly within all five boroughs, including clinics and hospitals. To schedule your course, call the nearest branch of the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association. If you are from out of state or country, the centers will give you details of local courses. You can also book courses online.

Instructional Program

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Some courses have prerequisites. You need to be at least 18 years old to enroll. There are some courses which do not require a license. However, you cannot be a nurse, certified nursing assistant, licensed practical nurse, or a student in an instructional program without a license. These courses are usually provided by hospitals.

The cost of these courses depend on the length of the course. Usually, there is a fee of $150 for six months of course. This includes classroom and practical sessions. Some hospitals provide mental health programs for free. However, you may have to take part in clinical activities in order to get the free service.

The American Red Cross

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If you are self-credentialed, you can go for courses provided by the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross. There are also free services for students who are learning for personal interest or for personal development. The cost of these courses depends on the number of modules and the length of the course. There are many websites which provide free training. But you should choose a reputable site for registration.

There are several other sites which offer mental health courses. They can be found out using a search engine or can be contacted directly. However, you may need to pay for certain services, such as clinical support.

The Use Of Pressure Dressings

These courses give you information on the use of bandages, ointments, pressure dressing, medications, and the prevention of injuries due to falls, slips and trips. The training course teaches the users to properly restrain a person suffering from mental health problems. First aid for mental health covers the administration of basic first aid treatments like washing, cooling and changing the dressings of the patient. It also teaches the use of pressure dressings and the management of breathing of a patient. The training course gives additional information on the pharmacological treatment of the patients and on the administration of other drugs in cases of emergencies.

The mental health first aid courses are a very useful aid for the staff working in emergency departments and hospitals. It enables them to know the symptoms of mental illnesses and helps them to administer first aid in case of accidents or illnesses. First aid for mental health training can be obtained from any professional health organization. But it is advisable that you choose an organization which is recognized by the government as having certified courses and instructors who are members of various professional organizations. This will help you get quality training which is updated on a regular basis.

Certificate Classes

The organizations that offer mental health first aid training courses also provide certificate classes to train the employees. The certificate classes enable the employees to go through the entire training procedure with complete ease. You need to have a good command over English along with the other languages that are spoken in the country you are going to visit. You will also have to undergo a background check in order to ensure that you do not have any criminal records or any other unfavorable conditions that may affect your work.

There are many organizations that offer mental health training and you can choose one depending on the requirement of your company or organization. The mental health course consists of lectures, discussions and practical sessions. During the practical session, the trainees are taught how to handle certain emergencies like bleeding, choking, unconsciousness, gasping, heart attack and burn. They are also taught how to look after the injuries or the wounds to prevent any complication during their treatment. After the completion of a mental health first aid training course, you can immediately get a certificate and can immediately start working.

Final Words

The mental health first aid training course is quite expensive but is worth the money spent. This is a great way to boost up your career options and can be taken up as a part time course. In many organizations, this is a mandatory course for the people who want to get jobs related to first aid and other such services. You can get employed as a lifeguard, medical assistant or nurse and start learning the skills to help those in need immediately.

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