Rest, Relax, Recover Anywhere, Sleep Better Every Night with Comfort and Relief on Your Legs

The most important part about travelling is the journey itself, rather than the destination. If the journey is full of struggles and tiresome, by the time you reach your destination, the happiness you get is reduced to none. If you remain fresh and tireless after sleeping well during the journey, you will be able to enjoy the destination and the joy of completing the journey, well. To ensure that the journey is as convenient as possible, here is a portable Inflatable Leg Pillow that will change your tiresome journey to a relaxed one.

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About the Product

This Portable Inflatable Leg Pillow made up of 100% polyester is a travel footrest. It weighs only around 0.5 kg and is rectangular. It retails only for $28.89 and can be bought along with an inflater tool which costs $18.72. It comes in three exciting colours: Dark blue, Ocean Blue, and Grey.

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Pros of this Product:

  • Relax your legs: The chief use of this product is as a footrest to relax the legs. During travel, especially by flight, train, or bus/car, the legs can turn numb and can cause pain because of the sitting posture. The legs can thus be relaxed by being placed on this footrest. Other than that, in the case of knee or ankle pain even at home, this product can be of great help in the healing process and reduction of strain.
  • Convenient and portable: As this product has to be carried during travel, it is made portable and convenient to use. It is light weighted and is inflatable, which can be carried even in a small handbag. It can be inflated on the spot where it has to be used, as it takes on one to two minutes to inflate.
  • Acts as a cushion: This product has other uses as well. It can be used as a cushion to improve the blood circulation of the legs. It can also be used as a pillow for kids during the journey. Also, it can be used as a back cushion in a chair, even at home. If
  • Stable and durable: As it is made up of pure polyester, it is very stable and durable and can bear the weight of both legs. It has polyester filling also, which gives it a soft and comfortable feature.

Cons of this Product:

There are no specific cons of this product. There is only one piece of advice that this pillow should not be over-inflated, especially with high-pressure gas. Mostly 80% of inflation is recommended, which will help in making the product long-lasting.


This product is a must-have for every traveller who wants to enjoy the journey more than the result. It makes the journey convenient and the traveller reaches the destination relaxed and peaceful. 

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