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The new American Red Cross Learning Center (MRCL) is the centerpiece of the Red Cross Health and Safety Training Library. This innovative system allows you to seamlessly integrate all American Red Cross health and safety training products in one convenient, easy-to-manage place. In one place, you will find a dynamic assortment of Red Cross course products that provide basic information and instruction on CPR, First Aid, geriatric care, personal protection, disaster safety, family safety, home safety, and more. You can also find comprehensive training programs on core topics such as nutrition and exercise, immunizations, domestic violence, home escape safety, and more.

What’s more, the new Learning Center offers a flexible course entry option, which includes classroom hours with Red Cross instructors and other professionals. There are two types of class enrollment: live classroom sessions and online course registration. Our skilled instructors combine teaching skills with hands-on experience through the most comprehensive online training programs available. Each session begins with an introduction to the Red Cross course offerings, followed by a brief overview of the course material and topic. There are a total of 39 training modules, including five core modules that include nutrition and fitness, emergency safety and first aid, domestic violence, geriatric care, personal protection, and more. The course modules are divided into five basic groups, based on the Red Cross National Service Campaign (NSC) service indicators.

American Red Cross Learning Center

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Course content is designed around the NSC indicators. Our instructors are Red Cross professionals with years of experience in delivering these courses. Throughout the course, instructors use Red Cross certification and related glossaries. The course is administered by professional Red Cross instructors who are committed to delivering clear, concise instructions to help students complete the course. We recognize the value in providing a hands-on learning environment for our users and recognize the importance of providing an instructor-driven training experience.

Throughout the training program, instructors strive to teach people used to American life. Within each lesson, there is an opportunity to work with a live personal trainer who has had many years of experience using the CNA certification method. During the actual class sessions, American Red Cross instructors work with certified nursing assistants (CNA). The theory behind the course is that this experience can be transferred to the classroom. The classroom is equipped with a work area where students can do hands-on laboratory activities, practice writing tests, learn about anatomy and physiology, and practice CPR. Students learn how to apply essential techniques in CPR, including chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth breathing, in a safe and comfortable environment.

A Much Ado

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A Red Cross training services session is designed to equip you and your family with the knowledge of CPR and first aid while you are away from home. You are offered the opportunity to choose from a variety of Red Cross courses, including community safety training services, advanced life support training, family safety training, or emergency medical services course. You may also elect to register for an online course that will provide you with the necessary information without requiring you to leave your home.

Within each of these courses, you will have a set of lesson plans, and the online course will contain a series of quizzes and tests. On your completion, you will receive your certificate. At the end of each week, your certificate will indicate the instructor’s corner where you will receive further instruction from the instructor. This is the Red Cross’ preferred method of training since it offers its members maximum flexibility and convenience. You will only need to bring your cash or credit card for registration fees, and you will not have to worry about having to obtain certificates or diplomas by performing sit-ups, lifting weights, or taking restorative baths.

However, in order to receive the American Red Cross online course, you must first register. After registration, you will receive a link that will allow you to download the material, and sign up to participate. A unique number will be assigned to your student account after you register. If you would like to receive further assistance or information, a phone call or e-mail will be sent to you. In addition, you will receive weekly updates via email. The entire system is set up to enable any individual to log on and take advantage of the American Red Cross’ many services at their convenience.

Bottom Line

The instructors at the saba learning center are certified to teach American Red Cross courses and CPR. The product owner retains all rights to the curriculum and any profit gained from the product can be donated to a charitable cause. The product owner obtains a five percent cut of any profit made from the sale of the product. All instructors are also trained in American Heart Association protocols.

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