Overview Of Fundamentals Of First Aid

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First aid is the most important procedure to save a life. When a person faces any accident, first aid is the immediate help that can save a man’s life. So, everyone should know the fundamentals of first aid that can save a precious life.

Principles Of First Aid

Preserving Lives – On emergencies where no professionals are on the spot, you need to provide the first aid to preserve life. But you need to assure your safety while providing first aid to others.

Preventing the Damage – First aid allows not only to aid momentarily but also helps to stop further damage. A proper first aider can provide the things others should follow. Otherwise, it will aggravate the injuries like internal bleeding which can be very fatal for the injured person.

Recovery – If one can prevent the damage, half the battle is already won. The path of recovery starts from it and providing mental support is also important. A proper first aid lessens the damage and the casualty can recover quickly.

Overview of Fundamentals of First Aid
Overview of Fundamentals of First Aid

Steps To Provide First Aid – Fundamentals

Assessment – The most important step is to provide first aid to an injured person is to assess the situation. Proper assessment is important as it helps you to judge the course of action you need to take.

Intervention – It is important to intervene in the situation to provide the first aid until the professional arrives. It is important to assess the injury and help the injured person as much as you can to save the person’s life.

Implementation – implementing your skill is important for the injured person. Without damaging more, first aid can save a human life. You can also provide mental strength to the injured person. It is important to stop bleeding or control the damages.

Evaluation – If the person is in immediate danger, you need to go through the actions to re-check. Stopping the bleeding is also important. You need to apply pressure in case the bleeding does not stop after the primary first aid. You can apply some dressing for doing so.

Relative information about the injured person’s health, informing family, following up about the patient is also a part of this method.

Types Of First Aid Kit – Fundamentals Of First Aid

There are two types of first aid kits are available. To classify these kits you need to consider the number of products this carry and the purpose of the use. The kits are Class A First Aid Kit and Class B First Aid Kit.

Class A First Aid Kit is used for common accidents and injuries. Minor burn, scratches, minor cuts can be treated by this kit whereas Class B kit is for major injuries in places like the workplace, factories, etc.

The number of products also differs from Kit A to B.

Overview of Fundamentals of First Aid
Overview of Fundamentals of First Aid

First Aid Supplies

For any basic kit you the following products are needed.

Adhesive bandages and tapes, antiseptics, skin wash, hand sanitizer, medical gloves, bandage, scissors, triangular bandage, sterile pad, trauma pad, ice pack, gel soaked burn dressing, ointment, and tourniquet are the supplies you need for a first aid box.

Types Of First Aid Box

You can have either portable or mounting first aid boxes according to your need. Portable first aid boxes are important in the field or any mobile purposes. Mounted boxes are required for bigger places like schools, workplaces, or factories.

Today, some boxes have both portable and mounted characteristics. It is a viable option to choose from in bigger places.

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