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OSHA First Aid and CPR training are a must for all employees who are required to provide first aid assistance to others. This course is offered both in classroom courses as well as on-the-job training. As with other workplace safety training, OSHA offers course options to fit the needs of each individual employee. Some classes, however, are required for all employees.

There is no specific curriculum for this training. It is typically provided in classroom settings during regular work hours. The most basic level of training is usually offered in eight or ten week sessions that begin with classroom instruction. After this introductory period, a course of practical, hands-on exercises will be given. Students will learn how to provide help for individuals who may be injured.

An Overview

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Basic, practical training will prepare students to provide CPR when an emergency arises. Many businesses also require their employees to take OSHA First Aid and CPR courses. In fact, in some workplaces, including construction projects, building maintenance, and warehouses, the employer is legally obligated to provide such training. OSHA training is often mandated by local and state laws. In some areas, employers are also held responsible for providing appropriate training, so it is best to be familiar with the basic CPR techniques.

Those wishing to participate in OSHA training may be expected to meet specific requirements. In most states, prospective participants need to be at least 16 years of age, unless the state requires a student to be of a certain age. In addition, every prospective participant is required to pass a background check, so it is best to check with your local licensing agency before sending a child or young adult to participate in an aid training class.

Prospective participants should also be aware of the course materials they will be using. These include books, DVDs, and workbooks, as well as other supplies, which can be purchased from the local library or ordered online. Many training courses include a mock first aid session, during which actual-life scenarios may be simulated in order to make the learning process more realistic. Other sessions are available on-line and involve real cases, so that participants can learn how to deal with real situations.

OSHA First Aid Training

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Once a person has received all of the necessary OSHA training and knows where he or she will be taking the class, he or she may want to consider attending a classroom course. This can be a convenient way to get the education needed to keep working as soon as possible, especially if he or she works in a busy office. In a classroom session, he or she will likely have to provide their own transportation to and from the class. However, many people find this less expensive than having to hire a professional trainer. Most professionals charge fees of around $100 per hour.

Before making any final decisions, it is important to consider the cost of OSHA first aid training. The training itself should be relatively inexpensive. If possible, it should be provided through a government agency such as the Department of Labor. In some cases, private companies may offer the service for a lower price. But if a company is not willing to offer it, there are plenty of businesses that provide this service. In fact, training should be offered by at least two businesses to guarantee the best training and experience possible.

Bottom Line

OSHA first aid training offers plenty of benefits for both employers and employees. Employees will learn valuable techniques for handling dangerous situations. They will also receive practical experience that will prepare them for a career in first aid. For employers, it provides them with a way to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. And for students, it can provide a lifetime of job security.

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