First Aid Training Vanilla – The Book For Kids

first aid training vanilla

Luckily, we live in a small rural community and there were plenty of public elementary schools within walking distance to our home. The problem was that they didn’t have a lot of classes specifically geared towards teaching kids first aid. So for the first few weeks, we sat our kids out.

When I brought the book home, I immediately put it to work and taught my kids about first aid. Although there were some issues I didn’t find with the book at first, I realized with a little bit of practice that this first aid training Vanilla book has some excellent advice. After all, one of the main purposes of first aid training is to help protect your children. This book explains some of the ways children can be injured and gives some great examples of what to do when it happens.

How To Keep Children Safe When Playing Outside

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The first thing you’ll want to learn is how to keep children safe when playing outside. One of the most common injuries kids suffer is stepping off of a trampoline. The first aid training Vanilla book shows you how to properly lift someone off of a trampoline without hurting them. By having a few simple steps around your house you can easily reduce the number of injuries your children might sustain while playing.

Another issue kids commonly suffer from is falling down. You should always try to teach your kid how to avoid falling by having them build skills around their stairs. You can easily do this by placing ramps on the stairs leading to their bedroom and pointing them in the direction of where they need to go. This will greatly reduce the risk of them falling down.

As parents, we all know kids aren’t always reliable. That’s why there are first aid kits available in most stores for emergencies. However, you can teach your child how to use these first aid kits by purchasing the first aid training Vanilla book and using it as a resource. It will teach your child the basics of first aid and how to apply the treatment.

Teach Them How To Spot A Toy

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Kids can also be injured by playing rough games around the house. You can easily teach them how to spot a toy that might be choking or hit them with a ball by purchasing a first aid training book for kids. Injuries caused by rough play can range from minor annoyances like bumps and bruises to major injuries like cerebral palsy or even death. This book shows you how to spot these problems and how to deal with them. It even has an entire chapter on CPR, which is useful for kids who may not have any experience with handling an emergency situation. While it is true that you can’t substitute children for adults when it comes to CPR, having them around can help in a crisis.


If your child is curious about learning first aid techniques, purchase a first aid training Vanilla book today. This book can be found at any major book store or if you want something more convenient, you can find it online for a reasonable price. After you purchase this book, you can teach your child basic first aid techniques. Or, you may want to have your child learn first aid skills alongside you in the classroom or in the backyard. Either way, you will definitely benefit from purchasing a first aid training Vanilla book and using it to educate your child.

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