First Aid Training – Dog CPR

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Dog CPR is one of the most important first-aids every dog owner should know. While it is quite natural to cry in panic or freeze in fear when your dog suddenly stops breathing, knowing how to give your dog CPR will help you save his life. 

What To Do When Your Dog Is Unresponsive?

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Before you jump to giving a CPR, it is important to monitor your dog’s condition. Can you feel your dog’s breath? Check for exhaled air near the nose. Check if the chest is moving. Furthermore, if you find your dog not to breathe, then check its airways for possible blockages. Pull out the tongue and check if you find any obstructions. Also, try to find the pulse. Check the femoral artery on the inner thigh to feel for your dog’s pulse. Check for heart beats. The heart will be at the left side of the chest.

When To Give Dog CPR?

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If you find that your dog has a pulse but cannot hear it breathe, then you should perform artificial respiration, also known as CPR – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. This involves chest compressions and artificial respiration. Also, for your caution, never try CPR on a healthy dog as it might be very harmful. 

How To Give Compressions In Dog CPR?

Lay your dog on a flat surface facing its right side downwards. Straighten the back and neck and pull out the tongue forward, resting it against the back of its teeth. Shut its mouth and locate its heart. Begin compressions by placing both your palms, one on top of another on its rib cage, near the heart. Start pressing to give compressions. Repeat 15 compressions within a span of 10 seconds. 

How To Give Artificial Respiration In Dog CPR?

If your dog does not revive after compressions, you need to give artificial respiration. Perform artificial respiration after 15 compressions. Start by sealing your dog’s lips. Next, place your hand over its muzzle to ensure that the mouth is totally closed. Place your mouth over its nostrils and blow gently. Continue, until you find the chest lifting and expanding. Blow harder until the chest expands. Remove your mouth from the nostrils between each breath to allow exhaled air. Give 20 to 30 such breaths every minute. 

How To Give Abdominal Squeeze While Performing Dog CPR?

Place your hands above and beneath your dog’s abdomen. Gently push down to squeeze its belly to help in blood circulation towards the heart. Such a squeeze should be given after every set of 15 compressions and one artificial respiration. 

Repeat Dog CPR

Continue the entire procedure until your dog starts breathing again and gets back a steady pulse. If after 20 minutes, your dog still does not breathe, then you will have to discontinue. Knowing how to perform dog CPR can help you save the life of your dog in an untoward situation. This first-aid knowledge will help you save its life when you don’t have a doctor in the near vicinity. 

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