First Aid Training Courses in Malta

first aid courses malta

Malta is home to some of the best first aid courses in the Mediterranean. The island has a long standing tradition of offering services which are essential to any medical professional or tourist and which form a vital component of their health and safety planning. Malta was listed as one of the top 10 destinations for the best first aid courses in Europe in 2021. With such courses available so easily, why not commit yourself to learning first aid from the very beginning?

An Overview

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It was only a decade ago that Malta offered a first aid training course that covered all aspects of emergency medicine. This has proved to be a massive success because of the practical aspect of the course, combined with the fact that it covers all levels of medical care and that medical staff know how to respond quickly when dealing with patients who need urgent medical assistance. A few years ago, a similar course in Italy was also designed to educate doctors on all aspects of emergency care and this was universally praised, with many doctors trained in preparation for the better days. These courses are still available throughout the country.

A Popular Study

The Malta Health and Safety Train (HST) has proven to be popular because not only does it cover first aid skills but it also covers advanced life support skills, critical care management and CPR. The HST was developed by the Maltese government in close association with the American Red Cross and it was introduced into the Maltese market in May 2021. It was launched after the Global Health Examination Survey (GHES) was conducted and the results showed that Malta was lacking in its preparedness when it came to health and safety. There were poor levels of training and specialist guidance and several areas were found to fall short when it came to the standards that were required.

First aid training courses in Malta offered by local organizations offer both practical and theoretical training. Some courses include lectures and demonstrations while others include both elements. Most courses in Malta are available online as there is a demand for distance learning but there are some institutes that offer both types of courses. The most popular course is the lifesaving course which has been developed and taught by the Malta Health and Safety Training Council (MHSTC). This course includes lectures as well as a hands-on application of the theory covered in lectures. During the lectures, students will learn important concepts such as response, managing shock and breathing and they will have the opportunity to apply the concepts when an emergency erupts.

Standard Techniques

The standard first aid and CPR techniques taught in the course include chest compressions, rescue breathing and circulation, mechanical ventilation and even the use of bandages. Students can expect to complete the twelve days ago in a format that covers all of the basics of emergency first aid. Classes can either be classroom sessions or self-propelled via the Internet so that families and individuals can log on at any time that is convenient for them.

In addition to the standard first aid courses, there are other courses also that are designed for both professionals and for amateurs who would like to get a refresher or learn something new. The Malta Electricians Association offers a course in April every year. This course covers topics such as using circuit breaker safety, low voltage lighting and more. During this course there are practical demonstrations where electricians demonstrate their knowledge of all of the areas that need to be covered. Students can expect to cover issues such as working with power and voltage to name just a few of the subjects that will be covered.

Final Tip

In addition to courses that cover the basic topics taught in standard first aid training courses, there are other courses that offer certification based on different topics. For example, the Malta Fire Brigade offers a course in house safety. This course helps the Firefighters get certified to work within the confines of a residential area. In addition to this, the Malta Police Force offers a course on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) which is an important skill that can help save a person’s life in case of a cardiac arrest. Both of these courses can be taken by anyone who wishes to learn more about how to assist those who may in some way find themselves in a perilous situation.


In the end, it is good to know that first aid training courses Malta can be taken online. The Malta SEDE School of Nursing has taken this concept one step further and offers first aid courses that can be taken online. This is a convenient option for many people wishing to learn more about CPR and first aid. However, it must be remembered that courses can only be taken once a student has passed their exams. So if you have not yet passed your exams, then it is best for you to start with standard first aid training courses and then take the online courses to fulfill your education.

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