First Aid Skills Everyone Must Know

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What will you do if someone collapses while passing you? If he stops breathing, what measures will you take? Necessary first aid skills will create a fine line between death and life in this case. First aid skills will allow you to perform simple procedures. Thus, it not only saves someone’s life but also provides medication instantly. This guide also presents some basic first aid we must know. It is because nobody knows when they will require aid.

First Aid Skills Everyone Must Know
First Aid Skills Everyone Must Know

First Aid Skills

Bleeding Heavily

If you see someone bleeding badly, apply pressure to that area to avoid bleeding. Also, use a blanket, a jumper, or a towel to slow up the bleeding. Next, call 999 until the ambulance arrives.

No Breathing

If you see someone stop breathing, call 999 at first. It could be due to cardiac arrest. In this case, the pumping blood blocks throughout the body. Under those circumstances, place your hand on the person’s chest, interlocking your fingers to give CPR. Now, compress and push his chest. Repeat it until the person starts breathing.

First Aid Skills-Suspected Heart Attack

In contrast to other attacks, a heart attack is the most common. In this case, arteries get blocked, and muscles lack oxygenated blood. The person begins to die in a moment. It is also a severe emergency. You not only need to call 999 but also sit down with him.


In chocking, the check or throat begins to clutch. For this reason, they can’t speak up. First, stand below them and bend the person in front, giving firm blows such as back blow. In case you first it not working, try the Heimlich maneuver. The back strike will form a vibration and choking problems solved. In general, if a child chokes, the pressure must be kept low.

Unresponsive But Breathing

For example, if someone is unresponsive but still breathing, you can get him a position and give the airway. Hence, try talking to them. Also, check their breathing. Check whether he needs hospital aid in the long run.

First Aid Skills- Taken A Fall

In case you see your loved one suffering from strain or sprain, you must apply ice over that area. It will reduce not only swelling but also pain. Finally, if it didn’t work out, take him to the hospital.


First of all, place the hand underwater if it is burned for ten minutes. It’s the most easily first aid. You can also use orange juice, cold liquid, or milk. It will reduce pain and also prevent infection. For example, if your baby’s hand got burned, you can seek medical treatment.

First Aid Skills Everyone Must Know
First Aid Skills Everyone Must Know

First Aid Skills For Stroke

As can be seen, strokes are associated with old citizens. It can occur at any time. This is due to a blockage in veins to the brain. Common stroke signs are dizziness, disorientation, and headaches. Also, the symptoms are dramatic and sudden. If you see someone with a stroke, tell them to raise both the arms.

On the other hand, you must enlarge the vein giving them Aspirin. That is to say, make sure he won’t have any allergy.

First aid is necessary as a health emergency is terrifying. It demands not only quick reactions but also prevention from the problem. In the long run, first aid skills will help you to save someone’s choking, cardiac arrest, and also illness.

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