First Aid Kit List – Steps You Need To Take -

First Aid Kit List – Steps You Need To Take

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It is a commonplace to come across accidents, and that is why you need to be prepared. That includes attending a first aid class, learning how to use the first aid kit list, and being able to provide others with CPR and other essential first aid techniques when needed. Of course, there are a few things that you need to do when it comes to providing others with necessary first aid. Just check out the steps listed below and follow the directions.

First Aid Kit List – Stabilize The Person

When you come across an injured person, the first thing that you need to do is to check and see if their breathing is too shallow, too erratic or strained. All of these can indicate a severe injury and that the concerned person required immediate medical care. You also need to check the extent of their injuries. Call for an emergency ambulance, and until it gets there, you would have to stabilize the patient. You need to staunch the bleeding and ensure that they are kept stable and remain comfortable at the same time.

First Aid Kit List – Do An Assessment

First Aid Kit List – Steps You Need To Take
First Aid Kit List – Steps You Need To Take

If the person is conscious, then the first thing that you need to do is to carry out an evaluation. This should enable you first to determine if the patient is responsive or unconscious. And if he is responsive, then you need to assess as to whether his cognitive abilities seem compromised. By carrying out an early assessment, it can prove to be invaluable to the ambulance crew. Once the ambulance crew gets there, you will be questioned regarding the first aid treatment.

Provide First Aid

If the injuries are not life-threatening enough, then you can provide the required first aid. First, identify yourself, make the patient feel comfortable, and seek to reassure them. Tell them that they have nothing to worry about and that you would have to provide them with some primary medical care. And with their consent, examine the rest of their body for injuries that may require immediate medical attention.

Staunch Injuries

First Aid Kit List – Steps You Need To Take
First Aid Kit List – Steps You Need To Take

You can apply balm/ ointment to scrapes, wounds, and even bandage them. The patient can then meet up with his doctor and get the bandages changed then. By staunching bloody wounds and injuries, you are helping to prevent any cross-contamination and any infection. Make sure that you ask the patient about their medical allergies and ongoing health conditions. They may be allergic to penicillin, in which case, you cannot provide them with the current OTC medication since most happen to be derived from the same.

Give CPR

If the patient becomes unconscious for some reason, it is vital that you give CPR. You need to continue giving CPR until the emergency ambulance can get there. And then, they would want t take over, as well as get your assessment of the patient and his current condition. Be sure to provide all the details and leave nothing out.

These are some of the preparatory steps that you need to carry out as you provide others with much needed first aid and medical care.

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