First Aid For Any Purpose – Basic Procedure -

First Aid For Any Purpose – Basic Procedure

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If you have some basic knowledge about first aid, then you can help someone in case of an emergency or accident. You can save someone’s life or prevent any situation from getting worse. Moreover, an ill or injured person needs support until medical services arrive, and that’s when first aid helps. So, if you are interested in learning how to perform first aid for any purpose, then read this article.

First Aid For Any Purpose – Basic Procedure
First Aid For Any Purpose – Basic Procedure

First Aid – For Cardiac Arrest

Whenever a person suffers from cardiac arrest, CPR procedure can be a life saviour. You can make use of AEDs as they are usually available in public areas. Besides this, the AED devices are easy to use even if you are not trained. CPR training includes rescue breathing and chest compressions. Yes, it does require some training, but you can still do it if someone is an urgent need for it. You can look for a CPR tutorial online as well.

First Aid For Any Purpose – For Bleeding

In case of any injury, it becomes crucial to control bleeding especially if it is severe. According to experts, severe bleeding can cause shock or in worst cases, death. So, your first move to stop bleeding as soon as you see blood. You need to utilize gauze or cloth to cover the wound and then apply pressure on it. If required, then do add more layers of cloth, and in this way, you can reduce or stop the blood flow.

First Aid – For Burns

To treat a burn, the first few things you need to do are to clean off the chemicals, turn off the electricity, and use water to stop the burning process. If a person is a sunburn, then cover up him and take him inside. In the meantime, ask someone to call for a medical emergency to prevent it from getting worse. It is very important to stop the burning process before you start the treatment. Afterward, cover the burned area with a bandage but do not apply any oily remedies, not even ointment.

 First Aid For Any Purpose – Blisters

Though blisters aren’t dangerous enough to cause any severe health issue, it is painful and needs treatment. If someone has unbroken and small blisters that are usually not painful, then leave it alone. They will heal on their own but do make sure to cover them with a clean cloth or bandage. However, if they are large and painful, then do take a sterilized needle, make small punctures, and express the fluid. After that, apply ointment, cover it, and you are good to go.

First Aid – For Fractures

Fractures are painful, and thus, you need to be very careful when you deal with it. Do not move or try to straighten the limbs. In the meantime, do make use of pad or splint to stabilize the broken limb. It is very important to keep the limb immobile. After that, apply a cold pack and give anti-inflammatory drugs if necessary.

First Aid For Any Purpose – Basic Procedure
First Aid For Any Purpose – Basic Procedure

In addition to it, try not to panic and stay calm. Do not rush and try to handle any injured or ill person wisely. In the end, do consider the above tips and be ready to face any challenge.

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