First Aid: An Awareness Towards Safety

First Aid: An Awareness Towards Safety

First aid means something that a person can use first or immediately. It can also happen that a person cannot find medical care instantly after having an injury. So, international standards came up with a concept of first aid. Moreover, the idea is straightforward, with the need for some medical items in case of emergencies. However, the central theory also states the use of trained people to perform these medications. Thus, the use of these things virtually ensures safety in any workplace.

First Aid: An Awareness Towards Safety
First Aid: An Awareness Towards Safety

Places For Use Of First Aid

To ensure the compulsory use of first aid, International Standards made availability of these aids mandatory. So, in any workplace, a person needs to have support.

  • Factories following ISO standards, also need some number of such kits at multiple locations.
  • IT companies, who do not have any dangerous jobs, also require first aid kit.
  • Moreover, any company dealing with some rough equipment would require a kit.
  • A residential house also requires a solution. In regular dwellings, there are many dangerous items such as geyser, electricity points, and gas. So, to overcome any household injuries, such a kit is essential.
First Aid: An Awareness Towards Safety
First Aid: An Awareness Towards Safety

First Aid Training

First aid at the place would not solve all the problems. The person using the workplace should also know the use of the medications listed in the kit. So, for creating awareness, some of the workplace staff should acquire training. The training would also ensure the correct medication at the time of emergency. Thus, such trained people can also teach another team, and everybody can handle emergencies smoothly. However, providing proper training is essential because they would be the first person to deal with the patient.

Do’s And Don’ts

Everything comes with some pros and cons because not everything is guaranteed. So, the following points list the essential pros and cons of first aid.


  • Proper first aid training is also essential to tackle any medical emergencies.
  • Moreover, trainers recommend using a small amount of medication on a new patient. The small amount ensures less harm rather than more improvement. So, if the patient has some unknown allergies, then that would not harm them much.
  • Keeping the first aid full at all times would also ensure perfect treatment at the time of emergency.
  • Moreover, maintaining a register to note the use of medication can help in maintaining stock.


  • A person should not try medicines by themselves without gaining proper training. As a person without training would be harmful to everybody.
  • The misuse of the medications can lead to a ban on first aid. Moreover, the band can affect the health of a person.
  • Moreover, rumors about the side effects of medicines and their expiry can also cause trouble for the owners.

Thus, first aid plays a vital role in maintaining emergency facilities. However, its misuse can harm other people working in the same area and using it. So, it is essential to appreciate the facility and act accordingly while using it. Moreover, the proper use of first aid may lead to saving a person’s life.

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