Everything You Need To Know About The First Aid Training For Red Cross Programs

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One of the best ways to learn about first aid and get certified is to get an American Red Cross (ARC) course in first aid and CPR. The course allows you to learn CPR techniques in a safe environment, while also becoming trained in emergency first aid procedures. The American Red Cross offers many different types of courses so that you can get the right first aid training at the right pace.

The American Red Cross offers many different types of first aid programs. You will need to complete an online course in CPR and an online course in first aid for those who wish to pursue an advanced level of training. Once you have completed your training, you will be able to enroll in an actual course through the ARC in your local area. All students are supervised by trained professionals so that they can stay up to date on new methods and advances in emergency first aid.

The American Red Cross offers a number of classes in different aspects of first aid. Some of these classes include CPR, AED (automated external defibrillator) devices and other advanced first aid techniques. These classes are designed to teach students what they need to know when they are faced with a medical emergency or crisis situation. These classes give students the basic skills that they need to provide first aid to those who are in need. The classes help students to get the right amount of training for the type of job they are applying to.

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There are also other courses that are offered by the American Red Cross. These courses allow you to learn about basic CPR techniques, the different types of AEDs and other emergency first aid procedures. Students can take these courses in person or take them online. The online classes allow students to continue their training as they advance through the Red Cross training program.

The orientation session will also provide you with information about CPR and first aid. You will learn about the Red Cross’ volunteer program, which will offer you the opportunity to volunteer your time to help those who are in need. During this first part of the training, you will also get a refresher on all of the different types of Red Cross courses that the American Red Cross offers.

After the orientation you will continue your American Red Cross training with a series of five hands-on training sessions. These courses provide students with the basics of CPR and first aid. The hands-on training will help you understand how to use a first aid kit and how to apply it. The sessions are very interactive and easy to follow.

Students can also complete a course entitled ‘Emergency First Aid for Children’ before they enter the Red Cross program. This course teaches students everything that they need to know about child CPR and first aid. It also gives students a basic understanding of how to use an AED device. You will learn CPR techniques for infants, young children and adults.


Students will also need to pass the exam to become certified as a CPR instructor once they have passed the Red Cross first aid certification. This exam consists of three parts, a written test, practical test and an oral part. Once you have completed the exam, you will be able to teach and administer CPR in an actual classroom setting and become a certified instructor.

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