Essential Items To Be Included In The Travel First Aid Kit

travel first aid kit

The best care kits are simple but varied and can have a spread of dressings and equipment to equip absolutely the basics. More importantly, they will be used with little or no training. So what items do you have to include? Here are the picks for the essentials.


A piece of luggage

It goes without saying that these are absolutely essential in any care kit. The foremost common sort of minor injury may be a cut or a graze, so it’s always an honest idea to hold a couple of plasters with different sorts of sizes. If you think that you’ll be doing tons of trekking on your travels and you won’t do that sort of exercise, then some blister plasters are an honest idea. It isn’t necessary to travel overboard and carry numerous ones. Just a couple of every type will do, as you’ll always restock once you pass a pharmacy.


A pair of sunglasses on a table

Gauze is the medical jack-of-all-trades. It is better never to carry a primary aid kit without a supply of gauze in it. It won’t apply pressure to a wound and will clean an injury, take in blood, help stop bleeding, and even form a part of a basic dressing for small-to-medium wounds. A clean wound and a layer of gauze kept down with either tape or a bandage is usually enough to permit time for you to travel and do the work.

The best sort of gauze to hold during a care kit is individually wrapped sterile squares.

Crepe Bandages

For once you have something a touch bigger than a cut, basic crepe bandages are useful for keeping small dressings clean and in situ until you’ll get some medical attention. Remember, you’re only getting to use them in an emergency and hopefully only until you’ll get some professional medical aid, so you don’t need too many of those, only one or two at the most.

Surgical Tape

Surgical tape is one of those essential emergency items for once you have to apply and secure gauze or a bandage to a wound, although plasters can do an equivalent job if need be.

Small Scissors

These come standard in any commercially available care kit (although you’ll buy them separately too) and are obviously useful for trimming gauze or bandages to size. Just take care if you are doing carry scissors to make sure that your care kit goes in your checked bag once you are in transit


For any injury, illness, bang, or scrape that needs quite the fundamentals and can’t be covered by the kit above, you ought to seek professional medical attention. Keep the load and bulk in your pack down, and remember that unless you’re extremely far away from the beaten track, you ought to be ready to hunt down professional assistance to affect medical emergencies pretty easily if something happens that you can’t handle yourself.

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