Emergency First Aid for Children

emergency first aid kit

Emergency first aid for kids can be the difference between life and death. The best way to avoid having to use emergency first aid is to have one in your home. There are different sizes, colors, and types of kids first aid kits. Below is some information about emergency first aid kits for kids.


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An emergency first aid kit consists of basic tools and medical supplies that are used to provide initial medical care to victims of accidents and other unforeseen emergencies. There’s a wide range in the contents of emergency first aid kits depending on the experience and knowledge of the person who will be using it. A basic first aid kit would only contain bandages, painkillers, anti-inflammatory medicine, hydrogen peroxide, ointments, oils, cough suppressants, disinfectants and diapers. On the other end of the spectrum, more specialized kits may contain more advanced first aid equipment like tweezer, cool wrapped towels, CPR mouthpiece, electrician’s tape, pressure dressings, needle-nose pliers, and puffer bulbs. Emergency first aid for children would also contain special items like toys and books that would help guide them through their own injuries.


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Before you put together your first aid kit for your child, make a list of all the people who will have to use it and when. Ask your doctor for advice or take note of household members whose possessions are also going to be used. You should also ask your child’s teachers which individuals they would recommend you take along on a trip or camping trip. When you are ready to assemble your kit, keep one item in common with everyone in your group.


Your kit should be easy to access when necessary. It should be located where you can easily see it. Look for packaged first aids in areas where you often go to. In case of eye or mouth trauma or if your child needs emergency assistance, consider keeping your kit at home so that it’s easily accessible.

First Aid Supplies

Purchase the most common first aid supplies that you think your child will use. Make sure he has enough bandages, adhesive tapes, sterile cotton balls, tweezers, and basic insect repellents. Don’t forget CPR cards, instructional books, and books about medical procedures. If your child is older, consider getting him a training manual on first aid and CPR.


Keep your children’s first aid kit as contained as possible. Keep it in one box that is easy to open and where you can easily find the items. Store other first aid supplies separately. For example, do not place aspirin tablets, ointments, and gauze in the same box as bandages. Children should also not be given alcoholic beverages.

Final Words

These are some of the steps you should take when preparing for emergency first aid. By following them, you are ensuring that your children are safe and will receive the best care possible. If your kit isn’t complete or you need to make any modifications, you can always contact an emergency first aid provider. They will be able to customize a kit just for you or your family.

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