Dog First Aid Kits For Your Pet

dog first aid kit

Dog first aid is the basic care given to an unconscious dog before full veterinary medical care is available. It’s not a substitute for professional veterinary care, either. Your goal is simply to make your dog’s condition more bearable to prevent further trauma, administer a topical anaesthetic, apply an immobilizing splint, do CPR, limit further trauma, and reduce pain until a vet can take over. But even when you think it’s all over, remember that there’s always a chance he’ll get better. Here are some more dog first aid tips to keep in mind when you’re dealing with your dog.

When a dog first aid kit is received by the veterinarian, the person calls the animal welfare center right away. This helps the veterinary staff get on the way faster to help the injured pet. In most cases, the injured animal will be taken directly to the veterinarian, and you can expect to wait anywhere from a half hour to a couple of hours, while the staff evaluates your dog and its severity. Even if you get to meet the veterinarian, that doesn’t mean you should leave your dog at his or her mercy.

Preparing Dog For A Trip To The Veterinarian

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To prepare a dog for a trip to the veterinarian, stock your canine first aid kit with some of the following items: An anesthetist’s foam syringe with the proper dose of nitrate-prusside, an epinephrine shot (either an easy or hard version), and saline solution. If your dog has no injuries, you can also include a tourniquet or splint that can be used during an emergency. A dog that has been injured will be more comfortable having the correct clothing, so it’s good to have an extra set of clothing ready, as well.

Common Ways In Which Pets Are Injured

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One of the most common ways in which pets are injured is by getting into a scrape with sharp objects such as cars, gardening tools, or other pointed objects. In most cases, the wound will heal itself in a day or two, but in some instances, it could take longer. In these instances, it is good to have two dog first aid kits handy. One kit should contain bandages. Injuries will often result in bleeding and your furry friend may not be able to tolerate the sensation, so bandages will provide the necessary relief. However, there are also instances in which your pet will simply refuse to wear bandages, in which case you’ll need a second kit containing painkillers.

Things That Make Dogs Different From Cats

There are many things that make dogs different from cats. When there is an injury to either pet, you should always consider their differences. Cats will typically show no signs of discomfort or pain, while dogs will usually show a level of discomfort. In many cases, a dog first aid kit containing antiseptic will work just fine. There are also some things that you can add to the kit that will help to speed up recovery time. These include non-toxic pain relievers, such as Tylenol, as well as ibuprofen, aspirin and acetaminophen.

Last Words

One of the most important items in your pet’s first-aid kit is a thermometer. The ability of the thermometer to read temperatures will be very important in the case of animals who suffer from severe sickness or are unwell. While the majority of pets respond well to human-supplied warmth, the high temperatures can actually be deadly in some cases. For this reason, you should always consult your veterinarian regarding the best way to care for your pets while providing them with a safe and healthy environment to live in. It’s important that both you and your pet have access to the same quality products so that your pet receives adequate care, which will help to prevent sicknesses or complications from occurring.

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