Different Types Of First Aid You Need To Know!

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First aid training for different illnesses is important and some may argue that this should be taught in schools but, of course, there are certain types of injuries that require first aid to be administered before the injured person can go to the hospital. So, what is first aid and why is it so necessary? And, more importantly, who needs to learn first aid?

First Aid And What It Is

First aid is one of the three branches of health care. It can be defined as treatment for an illness or injury using a wide range of methods to help an individual recover. These methods can be physical such as giving medicine to reduce swelling or giving rest to stop further damage to the body. Or they can be psychological, such as counseling an injured person to remain calm and focused on their recovery.

Different Types Of First Aid You Need To Know!
Different Types of First Aid

With all types of first aid, the goal is to alleviate pain. It may be providing support and comfort to the injured person or it may be offering medical attention and care. It is the actions of the first aid personnel that can help or hinder the recovery process. First aid methods vary depending on the situation, but here are a few:

A Sprained Ankle

The right type of crutches or a walking stick can help ease the pain associated with a sprained ankle. Massage therapy is also beneficial for this injury. If swelling is present, applying ice to the affected area can help relieve some of the pain. Rest is the best way to treat this type of injury.

Injured Joint – First Aid

A splint can help control the movement of the joint. A splint can be made of rubber, canvas, or cloth. There are also special bands available to aid in immobilizing the joint during this time.

Ring Pulls

Using a ring pull is one way to stretch the joint after a number of strains have been placed on it. This method is sometimes used to heal bursitis. It can also be used to relieve swelling in the hand or wrist.

Different Types Of First Aid You Need To Know!
Different Types of First Aid

Fracture – First Aid

If the skin around the fracture becomes thick or starts to die, then a splint will be helpful in keeping the skin in place. Another method is by placing ice in the fractured area. Putting ice on the injured area is a common first aid method for an injured child.

Nerve Problems

This is the most common type of injury and it can cause pain and even paralysis. It is important to start treatment immediately because swelling at this point is critical to the recovery process. An electric shock may also be applied to the nerve to help reduce swelling.

Broken Bones

If an accident has caused a break to the bone, then a splint will help hold the ankle in place while healing. It can also prevent the bones from shifting to the side when it heals. Taking Tylenol or aspirin with food can help to reduce swelling during this time.

Head injuries

A blow to the head can cause severe damage. The head must be kept stabilized until the person is properly treated. For those patients with whiplash injury, compression sleeves can help control the neck movement during the healing process.

Different Types Of First Aid You Need To Know!
Different Types of First Aid

Dental Work

If someone has a tooth pulled, the tooth may become loose. Braces are used to support the teeth during this process. They can also be used for warding off infection or supporting the jaw during the healing process.

In order to take care of injured individuals during the healing process, there are a number of simple tasks that are done for every patient. It may be in a hospital or at home and the need is always there. This type of first aid is useful for any injury and should be taught to anyone who is interested in learning more about this subject.

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