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Life can be very difficult sometimes. We all face various problems from time to time such as illness and even accidents. In case of emergencies, we must have basic knowledge of First aid treatment which can help save the life of injured people or give them enough time till they reach hospitals. Malta has institutes that offer one of the best first aid courses which teach you modern and advanced techniques of basic treatment. In this article, we have listed down reputable places where you can take up a first aid course.

Malta Red Cross

Red Cross Malta is a locally owned and operated group that stocks basic first aid supplies such as bandages, insect repellents, sunscreen, and emergency supplies. Their primary goal is saving lives so they also try to help businesses and individuals by helping them in emergencies. Also, they provide different levels of first courses from basic to advanced treatments which are helpful in case of emergencies. First aid courses in Malta are designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to save lives.

St John Malta

Professional first aid courses are available at St. John’s Malta University Hospital. This center provides comprehensive first aid training to medical personnel and students who are pursuing studies or activities related to field medicine. St John Malta also provides a range of first aid courses designed to help adults and children become familiar with basic first aid skills. The courses are available on the internet via videos, podcasts, or ebooks. The instructors are volunteers from different countries around the world.

Order of Malta

The Order of Malta is an international Roman Catholic charity, established in 1859. Founded by an inspired group of Italian political activists, it has developed a worldwide network of hospitals, feeding centers, and other social services aimed at meeting the basic needs of those in need. First aid training and certification are also provided by them that helps employees, students, or individuals gain knowledge of basic first aid treatment that can be used in case of emergencies or the medical field.

University of malta

The first aid courses offered by the University of Malta provide students with an unparalleled opportunity to grow intellectually and professionally. These programs are designed for students who wish to specialize in field-specific areas, or who wish to pursue further studies after they have finished their undergraduate studies. The University of  Malta provides the best experience and knowledge available in the region for people who want to be in the medical field.


First aid courses are the ideal first aid course for anyone, regardless of the level of experience, who may need to attend a medical facility for any reason. These courses teach those who are taking them how to prevent injury in an attempt to reduce the chances of death or serious illness when it comes to themselves and their family members. You can enroll for such courses in any of the above institutes and get yourself trained and prepared for emergencies.

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