Aha First Aid Cpr – The Emergency Protocol You Should Learn

Aha First Aid Cpr

Ever wonder why many people are dying due to abrupt heart function loss, which is called cardiac arrest? This is because people don’t know about fast medical care. Cardiac arrest disrupts the heart’s pumping action and eventually stops the flow of blood in the body. Sudden cardiac arrest can also trigger heart attacks. The most effective medical treatment which can take quick action against cardiac arrest is Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). There must be a regulatory body that informs people about the steps to be followed to give CPR to the patient, and Aha first aid CPR is the same in this regard. The most interesting thing about CPR is that performing it is not just limited to trained professionals. There are very simple steps that anyone can follow to save the person. The article deals with the procedure of CPR published by the American Heart Association.

Aha First Aid CPR

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American Heart Association is the leader in education, training, and resuscitation science who believes that every person must know what to do in an emergency. And for this, Aha first aid CPR has bestowed various steps that any bystander can follow for saving a life so that no one dies due to sudden cardiac arrest.

Difference Between Traditional CPR and Bystander CPR

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Traditional cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a mixture of giving breathing from mouth and chest compressions. This must be given instantly after sudden cardiac arrest.

The hands-only CPR comprises only chest pumping and chest compressions. The bystander CPR proves to be more effective than the traditional CPR method.

Procedure Of Aha First Aid CPR

Many Americans become victims of sudden cardiac arrest in which the heart stops beating without showing any signs. This can lead to sudden death. This situation made Aha understand the need for an easy and lifesaving skill to save someone in cardiac arrest. Aha first aid CPR gives knowledge about CPR to any bystander. Hands-only CPR increases the chances of survival.

Before moving to the procedure, you must know how to identify a patient of cardiac arrest. The victim will collapse, have no pulse, and stop breathing. You should call 911 to report the emergency. And after this, you must begin CPR. The procedure is different from traditional CPR.

The steps to be followed are:

1. Kneel beside the victim’s chest.

2. Place both hands over the other in the middle of the chest.

3. Expand your arms.

4. Hardly push down your hands at an angle of 90° and then fully release the pressure. Here one compression is completed.

5. Do more than 100 compressions in a minute.

The CPR procedure can be a little tiring, but you must keep up your pace when saving a person’s life.


With the procedure explained by Aha first aid CPR, the CPR process can be performed easily by anyone on a victim of cardiac arrest. If you would like to learn the best emergency protocol to follow, you should learn this procedure and you never know how it would assist you in helping to save another person’s life and it’s a gift to know that.

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