A Fashion-Forward, Sure to Impress Your Family and Friends as You Have Lunch at a Beach or Picnic!

Beach lovers out there! Enjoy lunch at your favorite beach in the most comfortable way possible with the help of this beach picnic mat. Rendered with quick-drying and waterproof function, this nylon blanket mat can accommodate about 5 people. The pocket is extremely easy to fold and requires less storage space.

Pocketable Beach Picnic Mat

Spending quality time at the beach is fun and memorable. For a beach visit or vacation, you definitely need a good beach mat. This pocketable beach mat will let you bask in the sun comfortably. The mat is also great for the beach and outdoor picnics.

This beach blanket has been crafted from breathable and quick-drying nylon. The mat is waterproof, windproof, and durable. Despite being lightweight, the picnic mat doesn’t get affected easily by the wind. The mat is spacious enough to accommodate about five people.

The beach picnic mat is heat-resistant and easy to care for. It prevents dust and sand from sticking at its bottom. It is easy to clean as well. The best part of this mat is that it is multi-purpose. It is great to take to a beach, park, picnic, sporting events, hiking, camping, open-air festivals, and other outdoor fun. You can even use the beach mat as a raincoat in case of an emergency. Don’t worry about its storage as this beach mat is foldable. It comes with a bag that is easy to store and consumes less space. Grab this picnic mat before you plan your next outdoor trip!


Material: Nylon 

Size: 140 x 210 cm (unfolded), 16 x 7 cm (folded)

Pros Of Pocketable Beach Picnic Mat

  • Made from lightweight and breathable nylon.
  • Waterproof, sand-proof, and durable
  • Foldable and portable.
  • Ideal for various outdoor activities such as beach picnics, family outings, camping, park visits, and so on.
  • Machine washable.
  • Comes with nails for securing.

Cons Of Pocketable Beach Picnic Mat

  • Many won’t find the mat to be of the desired thickness.
  • The beach picnic mat can blow away by the wind.
  • You may have to clean the beach mat after every use.


This pocketable beach mat made from lightweight and durable nylon is ideal for your beach visits and outdoor picnics. As the material used for this mat is breathable, sand-proof, and waterproof, it makes for a perfect outdoor companion. The mat comes with pins you can use to secure it on the ground. It is foldable and comes with a pouch for hassle-free carrying and storage. The picnic mat is easy to clean and is also machine-washable. The only downside is that you have to clean the beach mat now and then to keep it in top-notch condition. No matter whether you take it to the beach, park, hiking, or camping, it is a perfect fit for you. Something great for basking in the sun as well!

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